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  • Sunday, November 27, 2022 - Coyote Valley Female and Bull Sale - IA
  • Location: 2040 Peach Road, Irwin, IA
  • Sale End Time: 7:00 PM CENTRAL
  • Sale Rep: Brad Otto 7122693473

Welcome statement

This is the first time offering a sale of this type. All the males offered in this sale are bulls at the time of sale. We are under the complete understanding it is at the buyers discretion to do with them as they see fit for what works for them. You know as they say once you take them out you cant put them back in. We feel this leaves the options open for the buyer. Lot 2 offered on this sale has been TH/PH/DS tested and also had parentage verified. The rest of the bulls offered have not been tested.   


The set of heifers offer some opportunities at either market heifer or heifers that will work in many breeding situations. Many of them going back to cows that are still in production for us and have raised some good calves for us over the years. The heifer sale is featured with an incredibly powerful market heifer prospect.


All pictures and videos are done by our 16 year old grandson. We take great pride in representing our cattle as honest as we can. The pictures and the videos represent the animal exactly as you would see it in person.


All Lots sold are broke to tie and have been vaccinated and boosted. Thanks for taking the time to view our sale. All calves are assumed to be healthy, sound, and fertile when sold. No guarantees are implied. 

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